3rd Grade News 



    May 10 - Reading and Spelling Tests

    May 14 - Last day for grades

    May 17- Hat day 

    May 18- Game day (bring a board game, NO electronics)/ Sports team attire

    May 19- Movie/Pajama day

    May 20- Last day of school - Hawaiian Day/party (11:50 release) Wear your Hawaiian attire.



    Please make sure your child is bringing a water bottle to school each day. It is getting hot outside!


    Our learning this week....


    Story: Cinder Al and the Stinky Footwear

    Essential Question: Why is it important to pass stories down to the next generation?

    Strategies: Visualize, Theme, Author’s Craft, Figurative Language

    Foundational Skills: Decoding words - double consonants

    Spelling VCCV pattern words


    Math: Module 7, Topic E

    In Topic E, students solve problems involving area and perimeter. Given specific perimeter measurements for the rectangles, they reason about the different possible side lengths. Students compare and analyze their work, discussing how different choices for side lengths can affect area while conforming to the criteria for perimeter. Students synthesize their learning in the final lessons through solving word problems involving area and perimeter using all four operations.


    Students will continue writing an imaginative story, which includes an interesting setting and character. 


    Social Studies /Science

    Students will be participating in a Project Based Learning activity to open a pretend Pet Store.


    Have a wonderful week! 

    Third Grade Team