• Gifted Testing Schedule 2021 - 2022

    Mirage will be utilizing the following testing windows for this year's gifted testing.  DVUSD uses the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAt) for gifted testing.  

    It measures learned reasoning and problem-solving skills in 3 areas: verbal, quantitative, and nonverbal

    Students who are referred show characteristics of giftedness, and are referred by school personal or parents.  The parent must then sign a permission slip for testing.  Once the testing is completed, a report of the test scores in the areas of verbal, quantitative, and non-verbal are sent home.  If the student qualifies for services, a permission slip will accompany the report to be signed by the parent for placement.   A score of 95% in any area qualifies for Standard gifted placement.  A score of 80% - 94% qualifies for a provisional placement, and is contingent upon the student's performance in the regular and gifted classroom. 

    Traits of Gifted Students 

    Gifted testing will resume again in August 2021.  There is a fall, winter, and spring testing session.  Stay tuned for dates!