• 7th Grade Ren. Class schedule January 4 - May 21 2021

    We will not be on block scheduling when we begin January 4. We will follow the 7th grade science schedule we have been following on campus since October.

    This Schedule is below. A new Zoom account has been set up for students during our scheduled time.

    All lessons will begin in Canvas as we have been doing so far this year. You will find the day's intro and instructions video there. These may be simple review of the previous day's work or an introductory activity to the day's work or both.

    The Zoom Schedule below is for all students. Attendance is required for this class. Attendance is automatically recorded as you join Zoom. Zoom also keeps track of the time you are present in class.


    Scheduled Zoom meeting. 

    Topic: Shoop DSS and Science 7 Renaissance - 4(A-E) - M7SC03-306 - 20-21
    Time: This is a recurring meeting that begins at 11:20 - 11:50 (DSS time) Continues from 11:50 and ends at 12:46 (Science time).

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 857 7157 6480
    Passcode: 801276


    The 7th Ren. Science schedule is;

    Lunch 10:45- 11:16
    DSS 11:20 - 11:50

    Remember that DSS is set aside as time for students to work on incomplete work, ask their teachers for clarification of assignments, etc. For 7th Ren., this takes place with Mr. Shoop.

    7th Ren. Science class begins 11:50 - 12:46

    All zoom meetings will be accessed through Canvas.