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    During the first quarter of the school year students will be able to access art virtually through thier canvas page. Students will have a live zoom time once a week along with a weekly assignment. The same assignment will e completed during the Zoom call with students. The zoom link can be found within your child's canvas page for art. The zoom times for each grade is attached below.


    4th-6th Grade

      Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    10:00 AM         6th Grade
    10:30 AM 5th (5B) 5th (5A1) 5th (5A2) 5th (5-B) 5th (5C)
    11:00 AM 4th Hatcher 4th Dominguiz 4th Nichols 4th Williams  


    K-2nd Grade

      Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    1:15 AM Armentrout   Scheffler Armentrout Scheffler
    1:45 AM   Dew Lepick Lingenfelter Arthur
    2:15 AM     Eddleman    
    2:45 AM Matej Fleming   Boutelle Kaiser


    For more information please visit your child's canvas page or email me directly at olivia.clark@dvusd.org.