• The support provided in the 3rd and 4th grade learning center is closely aligned with general education lessons and differentiated to reflect the needs of your child, suit individual learning styles, and help close learning gaps.

    All specially designed instruction is delivered with respect and dignity.


    Basic Reading: decoding skills for recognition of syllable types and pronunciation.

    Reading Fluency: intended to increase oral reading speed to include rate, expression, and accuracy.

    Reading Comprehension: provides strategies for recall and summarization.


    Written Expression: proper conventions of writing are taught with concentration on punctuation, sentence structure, and organization of paragraph writing.


    Math Problem Solving: provides strategies for identifying and calculating functions in word problems.

    Math calculation: provides strategies for calculation of functions.


    Organization skills: provides strategies for preparedness and storage of materials for easy access.


    Behavior Support: provides instruction in self-regulation and coping strategies, interpersonal relationship skills, and planning to meet academic expectations, .