• Kindergarten Open House-Meet the Teacher Night

    Thursday, July 27, 2023

    5:00-5:45 PM


    Please bring if possible with you to Open House:

    Change of clothes:

    In Open House Folder, pull out Large labeled Ziplock for OOPS Clothes (NEED BY July 31)

    ----1 shirt labeled with the student's name

    ----1 pair of shorts labeled with the student's name

    ----1 pair of socks

    ----2 pairs of underwear labeled with the student's name


    Child Headphones:

    In Open House folder, place student's OVER THE EAR HEADPHONES- these stay at school until end of May

    ----1 pair of over the ear headphones labeled with the student's name

    ----Prior, please test how they feel for about 10 minutes (about how long we wear them)

    ----Do they fit appropriately without slipping or pinching?

    ----They will be housed in student's cubby all year and will be returned in May.

    ----Please make sure student's headphones are labeled


    Class Supplies

    ----Please place all class supplies in appropriate bins before you leave. 

    ----Please only bring in Ms. Hayden's Supplies on her website.  Other items may stay at home (not in backpack)

    ----Personal items that are helpful at home: glue sticks, scissors, pencils, erasers, crayons, counting manipulatives (beans playdough, etc)


    Daily Needs:

    -Labeled Backpack

    -Lunch Box if needed

    -Snack for the later afternoon. NO NUTS OF ANY KIND

    (this is not a meal)

    -Blue Folder (given on day 1 of class)



    **Please read through all the items in your Open House folder before Monday's First Day of School.  

    **Please return any paperwork sent home ASAP.  

    **No toys from home are allowed unless requested by Ms. Hayden