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    Updated Heatlh Center Policies as Related to COVID-19

    Please click on the link below to view the Health Centers Policies on COVID-19. This link contains helpful informaiton for parents, such as an in-person learning checklist, screening tools, symptoms of COVID-19, CDC links, information on students with asthma and other chronic medical conditions, quarantine guidance flowsheets, and more!

    Health Center Policies



    How to Select, Wear, and Clean Your Face Mask

    Please click on the link below to see how to select, wear, and clean your face mask


    Please note that gaiters and valve masks are NOT allowed on campus, and face shields MUST be accompanied by a face mask.

    Masks MUST cover nose and mouth.

    When selecting a face mask, choose a face mask that:

    • Fits snuggly and comfortably against the face
    • Completely covers nose & mouth
    • Includes multiple layers of fabric
    • If your student wears glasses, find a mask that fits closely over thier nose, or one that has a nose wire to prevent their glasses from fogging

    How to wear a mask

    For the younger students, you can help your child(ren) practice putting a mask on a doll or a stuffed animal. Teach them how to put a mask on (and take it off) their own faces - all by themselves. Build in plenty of time for your child(ren) to get used to wearing a face mask before going out in public or coming to school. Wear them around the house to normalize the experience. Encourage your child(ren) to start wearing them during their zoom lessons to build stamina with the face masks. Consider providing your child(ren) with a container (e.g. - labeled resealable bag) to bring to school to store their masks when not wearing it (e.g. when eating, recess, PE class).  If your child(ren) has a medical reason why they cannot wear a mask, you need to consult with your campus nurse and administration before the first day of school. If a child refuses to wear a face mask, then a DVUSD staff memeber will remind the student about the face mask requirement and provide redirection. If the student continues to refuse, the student will be removed from class and a parent will be notified. The parent will have the opportunity to (1) direct the child to put on the face mask or (2) the parent will have 1 hour to pick up the child from school and the child will not be allowed to attend in-person school until the student wears the face mask. In addition, disciplinary action will be administered including suspention from on-campus learning. 


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