• DVUSD Sample Model School Photos

    These photos are intended to provide visuals of what a DVUSD campus might look like when students return to in-person school on campus. These photos may not reflect exactly how each campus is set up as this depends on a number of factors that are specific to each campus (e.g. number of kids enrolled, different sizes of classrooms, cafeterias, indoor/outdoor hallways, furniture available to schools, etc.). DVUSD campuses have been set up to focus on social distancing and increasing safety protocols, but do not guarantee that students attending will not contract COVID-19. Our goal is to provide safety protocols that include social distancing to assist with both increasing the prevention and mitigation of COVID-19.


    Classroom Photos 

    This is a Kindergarten Classroom at Village Meadows. The chairs are approximately three feet apart. In this case, students will not always be able to sit the same direction due to the circle tables that are available for students.

    kinder class

    This a fifth grade classroom at Village Meadows that has spaced desks 3 feet apart.

     5th grade


    This is a 7th grade classroom at Sierra Verde that shows 3 feet in between tables. As you can see in order to accompany the amount of students that will be required to be seated in this classroom, students will be sitting in pods.  Pods or Podding refers to keeping small groups of three to four students together in a classroom setting throughout the class period.

    This will help to limit close contact in each period to small pod groups of four or less or cohorting cluster groups.

    7th grade

    This picture is of a classroom at Deer Valley High School that shows the desks being spaced out 3 feet apart.

    classroom seats

    This picture was taken at Deer Valley High School and show the seating arrangements in the cafeteria. The tape in the first photo helps students identify the personal space they will be provided and also helps increase social distancing.  Students will be seated in pods in this image. Between class periods, tables will be sanitized prior to a new group of students sitting at the tables.

    cafeteria picture

    This is a picture of the cafeteria at Sunset Ridge with tables set up so that students are seated 3 feet apart and are facing one direction. 

    sunset ridge cafe

    This is a picture of picnic tables at Deer Valley High School  that will be used to seat students during lunch. Outdoor seating for lunch will be used to assist with appropriately socially distancing students during lunch.

    high school outside cafe

    The “Xs” on the sidewalk at Village Meadows will be used to help keep students appropriately socially distanced while they are waiting to use the restroom. This picture shows that two students will be allowed to stand outside and wait for the restroom with appropriate social distancing.

     x on sidewalks

    Village Meadows has marked bins to identify if rags are clean or dirty after they have been used to sanitize areas around the campus.

    cleaning supplies

    This is a picture of the health office at Sierra Verde where the nurse has set up a stall which will be used to help with social distancing students who are sent to the health office.


    This is a picture of the health office at Terramar. The nurse has set up a curtain which will be used to help with social distancing students in the health office.

    another nurse station

    This is a picture of the office lobby at Sierra Verde. Floor stickers are used to help identify where parents will be allowed to stand and wait and the arrows help to identify the direction of the foot traffic in the lobby.


    This is an example of a hallway at Terramar school. Tape has been used on the floor to help students socially distance 3 feet apart when they are waiting for class.

    hallway 2

    This picture shows the direction students are to exit the building and provides an example of the direction students should be walking to exit the building at Sunset Ridge.


    The indoor hallways at Sunset Ridge will provide a clear view of the direction students should be walking.

    floor sign

    Signs will be used at DVUSD schools to help students traveling in the same direction and prevent students from crossing in front or in between other students during transition times.


    Workroom procedures and other safety procedures will be posted around campus.  The following pictures provide examples of safety procedures that detail this.

     work room