Student Support Services

  • Communication between the Student Support Services or SSS (supervises special education) and the Deer Valley Online Learning Program (DVOLP) are in consistent communication regarding students who have been identified under IDEA and have an IEP. Within this communication, teachers in DVOLP are provided with copies of each student’s IEP, specifically, the accommodations that will support the students during online instruction. Collaboration between SSS and DVOLP is critical to ensure teachers and students have the supports required under IDEA.

    In accordance with each student’s individualized education program (IEP), the DVOLP teacher will provide accommodations required to assist students with access to the online, standards-based curriculum. In collaboration with SSS, the home campus and DVLOP, the student’s guidance counselor will also provide input into the placement into specific courses that each student requires for completion.

    At any time, the DVLOP teacher is able to communicate with the SSS Department, to review the IEP and/or ask questions in reference to the delivery of supports during online instruction.

    Based upon each student’s IEP, individualized education program, related services and additional accommodations will be provided in the least restrictive environment. Generally speaking, each student who receives related services is provided those services in DVUSD at his/her home school location. Again, through systems of tracking, Student Support Services, is able to identify individual student’s needs via his/her IEP. Testing accommodations are provided in both on site and online testing environments to ensure access for each student. As well, tutoring, although not a provision of IDEA nor an IEP, can be identified by the respective DVLOP teacher and provided accordingly as required or necessary. Whereas, the student’s IEP will prescribe supports that must be provided for access.