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  • Food Allergies


    Many Children are allergic to certain foods, medications, insects, and latex. When they come into contact with these items they may develop symptoms  such as hives and or shortness of breath. This response by the body after exposure to a specific source is called an allergic reaction. The cause of the reaction or source is known as the allergen.


    • At Las Brisas we are mindful of the allergies our students and staff have. For this reason our classrooms are strictly nut and latex free. 
    • If your child has a Food Allergy please collect the proper documents from the School Health office to fill out or visit the Forms page and return all appropriate forms to the School Nurse when completed. 
    • Please do not send your child with foods containing nuts to eat while in class. 
    • Please do not send your child with foods containing nuts to share at class celebrations.
    • Children without peanut/nut allergies may bring products that contain peanuts/nuts to eat at lunch in the cafeteria.
    • Please encouraged your student to perform good hand washing after consuming any nut product. 


    Nut Free Lunch Table 


    • The nut free table is provided during lunch in the cafeteria for students with severe nut allergies. 
    • If your child has a nut allergy, but you do not wish for them to sit at the Nut Free Table please fill out the "Peanut/Nut Free Table Form" on the Forms page. 


    Emergency  Medication


    • Emergency Medications may be kept in the health office in case of exposure to allergen. 
    • Please visit the forms page and fill out all appropriate paperwork.