2021-2022 Anthem School Art Supply List

  • For this school year, the art room will be sharing communal art supplies (pencils, erasers, scissors, glue, markers, colored pencils, crayons, rulers, sharpies, etc.). Supplies, desks and seats will be sanitized throughout the day.  IF you are uncomfortable with your child(ren) using shared supplies, it is recommended that students bring their own art supplies to and from the art classroom.  

    Please make sure that your student's name is on all of their art supplies AND those supplies are kept separate from their regular classroom supplies.

    Below is a list of supplies that will be used throughout the year in art class. Items bold with a * are the reccommended minimum for students to have if they are bringing their own supplies. You are more than welcome to bring all the supplies if you would feel more comfortable. 

    Again, these are suggested supplies and are not required to be purchased to participate in art.


    Grades K - 6

    1 2 Pocket Folder* - This will be kept in the art classroom to store projects

    1 Zippered Pencil Pouch/Bag*

    1 box 12 ct pre-sharpened Pencils* (Ticonderoga work great)

    2 Erasers* (Pentel Hi-Polymer (best) or Pink Pearl style)

    1 Box of Colored Pencils* (12 or 24 count)

    1 Sharpie* – Fine Tip Black

    1 Box of Crayons (24 count)

    1 Box of Washable Markers 

    1 Pair of Scissors

    1 Pencil Sharpener

    2 Glue Sticks or 1 Bottle of Glue

    1 Watercolor Paint and Brush (8 color minimum – Crayola and Prang are great brands)

    1 Ruler


    Grades 7-8 Supplies:

    1 2 Pocket Folder

    1 Sketchbook (approximately 8 x 10)– this can be one you already have that has space left in it. Students are encouraged to reuse their sketchbook the following year if continuing with art.

    1 box #2 pencils 12 count (Ticonderoga)

    2 Erasers (Hi-Polymer)

    1 Box Colored Pencils (24 count)

    2 Sharpie - Fine Tip

    1 Sharpie Pen - Ultra Fine Tip


Art Supplies