• How to be Successful in Canvas:

    📓 Due Dates 

    Due dates are set weekly. Be sure to check the Canvas Modules for weekly work--do not rely solely on the "To Do" list.

    💯Grading Policies 

    I try to have your assignments graded 48 hours after you have completed them. Sometimes, depending on the length of assignments, it takes a little longer. Message me with any concerns you have regarding your grades. Usually, I grade using the rubric in Canvas, and also leave feedback on your assignments in Canvas, so make sure you go back and see what I've written.

    For discussion boards:  Most of the time, Discussion Boards are an area for you to explore a topic and share your opinion, as well as view opinions of others in the class.  I will be replying in discussion boards as well, so make sure you check back and see what others have written.

    ***Please note: Creating a discussion post without content (a blank post so that other people's responses are revealed) will result in loss of credit for that assignment.

    ✔️To-Do List

    There is a To-Do List on Canvas. Most students are tempted to use that to track their assignments for the week. Please don't do that. Many times there are things that DO NOT SHOW UP ON THE TO DO LIST. Please make sure that you are clicking MODULES and going down to the Unit we are in. Also, refer to your course calendar, which has all due dates! 


    There is a wealth of information on the internet, this we all know. That being said, please submit your own work.  Teachers can tell when you copy and paste something off the internet. Don't make it awkward. 

    See your student handbook for consequences regarding plagiarism. 


    Communication is key to success in an online course. Please read all announcements, messages, and emails, as this is how teachers communicate important information with you! 

    If something is going wrong, message me. I understand that there are many other things going on in life such as sports, activities, siblings, family, etc.  The best thing you can do is message me and let me know, and then work with me to figure out a solution so that you can be successful in this course. Messaging me on the last week/day of the course,  or the last week/day of the grading period is not a viable option.

    📝Submitting Work 

    Please submit work in PDF format, or something similar. If I cannot open your work, I cannot grade it. Please avoid Pages and Keynote apps.

    ⭕Working Ahead and Falling Behind 

    You may work ahead in this course; however, falling behind may be overwheming. Please communicate with me; remember, my goal is for you to be successful! 

    👩‍🏫Office Hours

    Please attend my office hours if you have questions or need help with assignments! (Office Hours are listed under Canvas Announcements.)