Welcome to Physical Education!

Welcome to DVOA Physical Education
  • This quarter we will focus on Components of Fitness, Dance, Bowling, Basketball, Soccer, Identifying our Bones, and improving Fitness. Each lesson will have a Learning Mindset (objective), Academic Activity (Bone of the Week), Physical Activity (activity), and an Assessment (assignment to turn in).

Office Hours

  • Office Hours

    Monday & Wednesday



    Tuesday & Friday 

    by appointment only

    Please note these hours might change.


    If you need to set up an appointment outside of these hours please email me.

    Please email me if you have any other questions or concerns (Kari.Porcelli@dvusd.org). 



  • Weekly Routine

    Each week you will:

    *Log in and find the lessons for that week

    *Review the Learning Mindset (objective)

    *Read over the Academic Activity (Bone of the Week)

    *Perform the Physical Activity (activity)

    *Complete and submit the Assessment (assignment).

    Get Ready for Class

    This is a PE class so be prepared to get moving! When doing any activity make sure you have athletic shoes on and are dressed comfortably. All activities will be done at home, so make sure you are in a safe environment. Nothing should be in your way. If you are going outside be sure to stay in the shade or put sunscreen on and drink plenty of water. Also make sure you clean up after class and put away any equipment. Remember there will be a physical activity that you will need to complete.


    You will have access to 2 weeks worth of lessons at a time. Assignments for the week are due on Sunday night. At this time we will accept late work with no penalty. Also note that any missing assignments will automatically be given a 49%.