K-5 ELA Gifted Adoption & Supplemental Materials Adoption

  • Committee Details
    Chairperson Adam Laningham
    Charge of the committee:
    The goal of recommending new resources for adoption is to support teachers and students in our Bright Child Kindergarten, Renaissance Highly Gifted Academies, SAGE Pull-out, and SPARK Enrichment programs with their ability to meet or exceed grade level proficiency targets in ELA literacy, increase enrichment opportunities and higher level thinking skills, as well as prepare students for secondary and post-secondary opportunities.

    Duration: January - March 2021  


Committee Members

No. Name Position
1 Bright Child Kindergarten Teacher
2 Bright Child Kindergarten Teacher
3 Renaissance Teacher Grades 1-2
4 Renaissance Teacher Grades 1-2
5 Renaissance Teacher Grade 3
6 Renaissance Teacher Grade 3
7 Renaissance Teacher Grade 4
8 Renaissance Teacher Grade 4
9 Renaissance Teacher Grade 5
10 Renaissance Teacher Grade 5
11 Gifted Specialist - Renaissance Campus
12 Gifted Specialist - Renaissance Campus
13 Gifted Specialist - SAGE
14 Gifted Specialist - SAGE
15 Gifted Specialist - SAGE
16 Gifted Specialist - SAGE
17 Gifted Specialist - SAGE
18 Gifted Specialist - SPARK
19 Gifted Specialist - SPARK
20 Gifted Specialist - SPARK
21 Gifted Specialist - SPARK
22 Gifted Specialist - SPARK
23 Canyon Springs Renaissance Parent
24 Canyon Springs Renaissance Parent
25 Highland Lakes Renaissance Parent
  • Membership Requirements:
    Members must commit to attending all committee meetings listed below.

    Members must be of the groups specified below:
    - Bright Child Kindergarten Teachers
    - Renaissance K-5 Teachers
    - SPARK K-5 Specialists
    - SAGE K-5 Specialists
    - Renaissance/ Bright Child Kindergarten Parents
    - SAGE Parents
    - SPARK Parents
    - School Administrators
    - ELA CIAS

    Members will be selected based on room in the committee & positions listed above in order to allow for equity across all groups.

    Chairperson Committee Welcome Letter

    January 14- Rubric Development
    January 28- Review of Materials
    February 11- Vendor Presentations
    March 4- Finalize recommendation for governing board