• On October 26, 2021 Sophomores will be presented with post secondary planning, career and technical opportunities, and junior year information. All information that will be presented is below. Please take the time to review this information and clarify any questions you may have with your assigned counselor.


    Credit Check and Graduation Outline - Complete this credit check form using your transcript to be sure you are on track to graduate on time!

    High School Four Year Plan - This is an information sheet that provides you a list of courses to take each year to meet graduation requirement.

    Sophomore Registration Guide- Complete this form before inputting your courses into Power Schools. 

    Junior Course List- This is a list of all junior course offerings. 

    Sophomore Presentation - This presentation is to help you find information you may have missed and should be shared with guardians.


    Take the time to discuss your class selections with your guardians and reach out to yours counselor with questions/concerns.