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    There are many opportunities for student athletes at Barry Goldwater High School.  Take a look!


    Chandler Evans  ~  Athletic Director  ~  Chandler.Evans@dvusd.org

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    We have clubs and classes on campus that offer students a variety of options to determine what interests them. We focus on building success and involvement with our freshmen. One G-crew class and club develops leaders who work with freshmen to ensure their academic, social and emotional success. Every freshman has a G Crew leader who works with them throughout the year to offer support, guidance and friendship.

    Student Government is another class and club freshmen can get involved with that include student leaders who build connectivity in our school community. They build spirit and positivity throughout the campus by organizing events and activities where students demonstrate kindness and a sense of belonging. Leaders, including freshmen, organize dances, homecoming parade, spirit days, parade, assemblies and much more. Students get a chance to participate in the Disney Leadership program each year to help them grow as leaders. Students interested in being a leader and part of student government will fill out appropriate paperwork to participate in the election process.