• Aspiring Leaders Program

  • Did you know DVUSD offers teacher leaders an opportunity to learn and prepare for school based leadership opportunities across the district?  The DVUSD Aspiring Leaders Academy prepares interested certified staff in DVUSD for future leadership positions such as Assistant Principal or Dean of Students and is facilitated by the Administrative Leadership and Services (ALS) Department. 


    There are many benefits of participating in the year long Aspiring Leaders Academy if you are interested in moving into administration in DVUSD.   The Aspiring Leaders Academy allows teacher leaders to become familiar with the 21 Responsibilities of a School Leader from our district leadership training program McRel Balanced Leadership.  Aspiring Leaders learn first hand from principal experts from around the district and participate in scenarios and conversations centering around the job of a district and/or campus administrator. In addition to monthly training workshops, participants of the Aspiring Leaders Academy are afforded an opportunity to shadow a Principal or Assistant Principal for a day, participate in an Application Process Workshop and are invited to participate in a Mock Interview Workshop in preparation for future opportunities.  Workshops are grounded in research through the book,  The Leadership Challenge,  which is used to help participants learn about 5 key leadership practices that high performing leaders utilize. 


    If you are interested in learning more about the Aspiring Leaders Program, we encourage you to talk to your Principal and discuss this opportunity with them.  Applicants require a submitted application, resume (three years of teaching experience required) along with a commitment to seek a leadership position as an  Assistant Principal or Dean of Students within two years of graduating from the Aspiring Leaders Academy.  A letter of support from your current supervisor  and a one page essay outlining future ambitions and skills is also required upon application for the program which occurs at the beginning of each school year.

    The Administrative Leadership and Services Department reviews all paperwork at the start of the school year and selects interested candidates that meet all criteria.  Applications are reviewed annually typically the first 6 weeks of school.  The program begins in October and is concluded in May after a completion of 5 workshop sessions.  Participants that meet all criteria earn a certificate of completion and are made aware of administrative opportunities for job advancement. For more information about the program please contact the Manager of Administrative Leadership and Services, Tony Galietti at Tony.Galietti@dvusd.org

The Leadership Challenge