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    For the First Day of Preschool
    -Bring a full-sized backpack
    -Bring a change of clothes to leave at school for accidents/emergencies (this includes shoes, socks, underwear, shorts/pants, shirt)
    -If not potty trained yet, bring a pack of diapers and wipes. I will let you know when more is needed.
    -Bring a water bottle each day, with child's name on it. It's hot outside + limit use of the drinking fountain.
    -Wear closed-toed shoes for playground safety (this is preferred). The playground has large wood chips and sand.
    -Wear shorts underneath skirts and dresses
    -Check your child's folder and backpack each day
    *Please make sure everything is labeled with Child's name  
    **Class materials and snacks will be provided at school. Donations are always accepted and appreciated!