• Virtual Expectations for students are as follows:
    • Log in at start of class for bell work, review of content to be covered, etc.
    • Courses with two semesters
      • Teacher retains one semester for direct instruction virtually
      • Other semester leaves Zoom with instructions/assignments: read content, video to discuss, writing assignment, etc. Time to return to Zoom for their direct instruction.
      • Classroom flip: direct instruction students are released with work and a time to return, next semester comes in for direct instruction.
      • ALL student log back in the last 15 minutes of class for recap of night's learning, exit ticket, preview of the next day's learning.
    ADD to Classroom Expectations: Virtual learning is designated for January 19 through January 21, 2021. Students and teachers return to the classroom on January 25, 2021 through March 4, 2021, unless notified of a change in location. DVUSD Pathways Spring 1 is an "in-person" learning experience. Students attending Pathways courses via ZOOM must go through the Pathways administration office for approval after January 21, 2021.