Special Education Parent Advisory Committee

  •  Committee Details

    Student Suport Services Leadership Team: Dr. McCusker, Jenny Humpal,Danielle Bambling

    Charge of the committee
    • To provide input to special education practices in DVUSD
    • To support parent training for special education in DVUSD
    • To ensure connections to the parent community.

    :  2021 - 2022



Special Education Parent Advisory Committee

No. Name Position
1 Dr. Melissa McCusker Director, Student Support Services
2 Jenny Humpal SSS Manager
3 Danielle Bambling SSS Manager
4 Amy Titze SSS Coordinator
5 TBD Psychologist
6 TBD Speech
7 TBD Motor
8 TBD K-8/K-6 Principal
9 TBD Middle School/High School Principal Principal
10 TBD Parent (K-8/K-6)
11 TBD Parent (MS/HS)
12 TBD Parent of a Title Campus
13 TBD Parent - Regionalized
14 TBD Parent - Regionalized
15 TBD Parent - Regionalized
16 TBD Parent - Regionalized
17 TBD Parent - Regionalized
18 TBD Service Coordinator (K-8)
19 TBD Service Coordinator (Title 1)
20 TBD Service Coordinator (High school)
21 TBD Special Education Strategist
22 TBD Special Education Strategist
23 TBD Special Education Strategist
24 TBD SSS Classified Team Member
  • Membership Requirements:
    Stakeholders need to have an academic background in either evaluation (psychologist) of and/or expertise in providing instruction (reading specialist) for struggling readers. This work team will be meeting monthly for the remainder of the 2020-21 academic school year.

    Meetings: TBD