• Classroom Expectations


    1. You are in this class to learn, not visit. Remain in your seat unless you are performing a work task.

    2. Do not interrupt the teacher when he is talking to the class.

    3. Come to class on time and be ready to work.

    4. Treat all equipment with respect. Do not use any equipment, including classroom furniture, for anything other than its intended use.

    5. Treat all classmates with respect; just like you wish to be treated.

    6. Immediately report any equipment problems or injuries, even minor ones, to the instructor.

    7. When using consumable materials use only what you need and return them to their proper place.

    8. Before you leave your classroom and/or shop work area, “leave no evidence” of you being there.

    9. Your folder should be with you everyday.

    10. Work hard and enjoy the company of your classmates and instructor.

    11. Absolutely no horseplay in the lab.