• tuition




  • Students...

    Currently enrolled in a Deer Valley Unified School District School during the school year -

    • There is no tuition for students taking a total of 6 or less courses during the semester enrolled in brick and mortar AND online (e.g., 4 courses on campus and 2 online - no tuition)
    • Students taking a 7th course during the semester  are subject to a $175 tuition course fee.  A withdrawal for the 7th course counts as a course during the semester
    • High School Fast Track courses are .5 credit courses

     Not currently enrolled in a Deer Valley school -

    • $175 per .5 course

     Taking Summer Semester Courses -

    • Tuition fee is $175 per .5 course for all students

     Please Note...

    • Fees are subject to change.
    • A full refund will be given for students who drop prior to the start of class and for up to one week after the start date.
    • Please email Aspire@dvusd.org to request a drop and a refund by the due date.