DVUSD Vaccine Distribution

  • In partnership with the Maricopa County Public Health Department (MCPHD) and other health agencies, DVUSD will provide vaccine Points of Dispensing (PODs) on two campuses. These PODs will be for all full and part-time, public (district and charter) and private, PreK-12 school personnel in the DVUSD footprint.

    School Personnel will be asked to sign up for an appointment at the site closest to their school or district of employment, not their residence. You will be notified by your school, district, or charter leadership of your pre-assigned location. A registration link will be sent to all school personnel on Friday, January 29. Each POD is expected to distribute approximately 1,500 vaccines per day per site over the two-day period.

Vaccination Consent Forms

What You Will Need to Receive The Vaccination

  • When the registration link is published, it will look and feel like the public link, and will ask for both general and specific information about you and your insurance. If you do not have insurance, you will still be able to register and receive the vaccine at no cost to you. When you arrive at your vaccination site you will need:

    • School identification (preferred) or a pay stub if you do not have an ID to verify that you are eligible for the vaccine. 
    • Other forms of personal identification for general verification.

    The DVUSD Educator PODs will be organized like other public PODs - drive-thru vaccinations with prescheduled appointment times. Our PODs will also have a walk-up option for employees who do not drive or who need other accommodations. At this point in time, we do believe that DVUSD Educator POD will be given enough supply to vaccinate all employees who wish to be vaccinated.

Vaccine Event Schedule