• Asthma Action Plans

    If your child has been diagnosed with asthma and/or uses an inhaler, please complete the forms below and return to the nurse's office prior to their first day of school.  The asthma action plan will ensure that we have a plan in place to keep your student safe on campus.

    Student Asthma Action Plan

    Doctor's Orders for Medication

    Medication Administration Record

    Please fill out a Medication Administration Record form for EVERY individual medication your student will be taking while on campus.   A Medication Admistration Record must also be filled out for each child if you have more than one student here at Norterra Canyon.

    If your student is old enough to carry his/her inhaler on them (school nurse/parent discretion) and take it independently while at school please fill out the Self-Carry Permission Letter and return to the nurse's office.

    Self-Carry Permission Letter


    Asthma Inhaler

     Due to COVID, it is recommended that all students have a spacer for their inhalers.   Please ask your nurse if you have any questions.