• Asthma Action Plans

    Asthma can be a serious condition that may require immediate attention. If your child has been diagnosed with asthma and might need to utilize an inhaler and/or nebulizer while at school, the health office is able to provide assistance. A Student Asthma Action Plan provides the information and guidance the school needs to have in order to treat your child and get them back to class. Because inhalers and nebulizer treatments are required to have a physicians order, we need the Authorization to Administer Medication Form (Order Sheet) to be filled out by your child's physician. Inhalers and any necessary breathing treatment supplies must be provided by the parents for their students' individual use. The school has a nebulizer machine that is able to be utilized by the students when necessary, but again, all tubing, mouth pieces, and solution must be provided by parents.  

    Asthma Action Plan packets are available in the Health Office if you would like to pick one up to have filled out by your physician during any appointments your student may have scheduled. 

    If you feel your student is old enough and able to carry and administer their own rescue inhaler as needed, please stop in to fill out the Student Self-Carry Permission Slip and submit it to the health office. Any and all forms of over-the-counter or prescription medications that a student has on their person or in their backpack need to have the necessary MAR, permission slip, and order sheet if it is a prescription. Because Norterra does not allow any drugs on campus, it is important that the necessary personnel are aware of which students have medicine available for their personal use. 

    Reach out to your school nurse for any questions or assistance.  623-445-8211