• Bookstore FAQ’s

    What is the difference between a fine and a fee?

    A fine is more for a payment owed while a fee can indicate a coming payment due, or an asset security hold. Fines can keep students from making certain purchases or walking at graduation.


    How can I find out if my student owes any fines or fees?

    Go to the BGHS website and select Bookstore under Resources. Scroll down to Student Purchases & Fee Payments and click on the Intouch Receipting link directly underneath. Sign in with student’s 6-digit ID # (user name) and last name (password). Click on your student’s name and then under Reports select Unpaid Fines/Fees.


    Why does my student have a fine or fee on his/her account?

    Fines will be assessed to individual student accounts in the case of non-returned items, damaged returns, or may even reflect a purchase payment plan approved by admin.


    What is a Security Hold Fee?

    A Security Hold or Asset Security Hold is posted when a student receives something that can’t be checked out through the internal system. Anything from specialized computers to band instruments to non-barcoded textbooks may trigger a security hold. No payment is expected unless the item is lost or damaged.


    Why can’t I log in to my Bookstore payment account?

    Be sure you are logging in with your student’s 6 digit lunch account number for user name and last name for password. Last name is capitalized just like you would write it. Hyphenated last names should include the hyphen and capitals, just as the name appears in PowerSchool.


    Why does nothing happen when I click “Buy” on the payment portal?

    Once you click “Buy” the item will appear in your cart in the upper right-hand corner. You may proceed with your purchase from there.


    How do I get a parking pass?

    Complete the Google form found under the Parking icon on the BGHS homepage

    Make your payment either online or at the Bookstore

    Bring to the Bookstore your driver’s license, proof of vehicle insurance and registration


    How late can I make a tax credit donation payment to apply to the previous tax year?

    You have until April 15 to apply tax credit donations to the previous year’s taxes.