Student Testimonials

  • "Mr. Mohler, Thanks for helping us through the program.  We did it!  Just like you said.  You made Geometry enjoyable always willing to help.."

    "Mr. Girnius taught me a new way to do math.  A way that I can understand, learn, and do better in the future."

    "Mrs. Hamilton, you made a huge impact in my everyday learning.  I am able to understand and speak Spanish now!."

    "OMG Mr. Arnold!!!  He helped me realize that I am better at writing than I thought I was!."

    "Mrs. Johnson I have so much thanks for you.  You have given me so much hope that I can pass my classes and so much help during these seven weeks.  I thank you so much for doing your very best for this class, English Language Arts 3 or 4. You are on of the best teachers I have ever had in high school!  She pushes herself in the best ways possible for her students.  I thank you and can't wait to see you at graduation."

    "Mrs. Jones was the most amazing Pathways teacher.  She was constantly helpful and social with all the students and made my day.  She uplifted everyone's mood when we entered her Geometry classroom.  I don't think I'll ever forget this time at Pathways because it was a wonderful experience for me."

    "Mrs. Kelly is very helpful.  Her classroom is so welcoming and she is very sweet.  Her lesson plans are very engaging.  I have learned so much from her."

    "Mr. Lopez helped by actually focusing on us individually and helping us with work. Mr. Lopez really cares about our progress and made sure we understood the math materials." 

    "Mr. Prey is GREAT at teaching and gives wonderful feedback.  I actually was learning in the classroom."

    "Ms. Koppelman, your class is probably one of the best teaching experiences I've been a part of.  When I first started Pathways, I did not know much about Algebra before Pathways.  At the end of the Pathways session, I have much more knowledge than when I first walked into your classroom.  Thank you for taking the time out of your day to help us.  This class was a lot of fun too, thank you!"

    "Mr. Weyker was my government teacher.  He is an amazing teacher.  He made the materials very interesting, which makes the entire class incredibly engaged in learning.  The environment of the class was very welcoming and fun.  I have never been in a class where the teacher had every single student engaged and participating with so much enthusiasm.  Truly a wonderful teacher!"