• *At your assigned Gate there is handicap parking for those cars having a handicap hanger/or license plate. Please refer to your map to locate the wheelchair symbol.

      **There are limited numbers of wheelchairs available to check out at each entry. They are on a first come first serve basis. You must sign them out and return them to the Gate you entered. Wheelchairs may not leave the inside of the building.

      ***It is suggested that if your guest has trouble walking or needs a wheelchair, getting your own wheelchair for the day would be preferred.

      ****For those guests who have difficulty walking, there is a handicap drop off/turn around area in the lot marked Staff and ADA Parking Area near GATE 2 designated on the map. You will be allowed to drop off those who cannot walk very far and they may enter Gate 2. You will then need to park in your assigned parking lot and enter your assigned GATE and meet your family member or guest inside at Gate 2 area that is directly across from the North end zone seating area. This drop-off is ONLY for those with difficulty walking or using wheelchairs and an escort, if an escort is needed. The staff/ADA lot entry is off of 95th Ave.

      PLEASE keep in mind this is a very large stadium and walking to the Gate and around to the seating area is a large distance so please plan accordingly. As stated above, providing your own wheelchair is suggested.