• 2020-2021 Students' Quotes

    “Hey my epic gamers I did Mandarin 1-2 at my school and it helped me understand the culture and language of China.Also the teacher helped when we need help and goes slow so we can understand what she is saying.Lastly the kids in my class started as regular classmates to close friends.I recommended doing it it is really fun.”-From Cera Tennyson


    “Hey guys, I want to let all of you know that taking Mandarin is totally worth it and you will not regret it. The teachers are very kind and understanding, and are super great at helping us learn. I only took it this year and wish I had taken it longer so I recommend you start as early as possible. The teachers are also great at making every lesson as fun as possible. It's totally worth it and I think you should definitely consider joining the program.” - From Will Laguna


    “Mandarin is one of my favorite classes I have learned a lot and the teacher is very nice and has helped me the whole year. she is very funny and gets creative with her assaignments. overall this class has been the most fun class I have taken this year. I would recomend this class to everyone who is interested in mandarin.”-From Luke Hughes, 何忠太