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    Algebra 1-2, Honors DVUSD Pathways Summer Program

    @ Barry Goldwater High School Campus

     About the Course

    Algebra 1-2, Honors course at the Barry Goldwater High School campus begins May 24 and ends July 1, 2021. Class will begin for students at 7:30 am and end at 1:15 pm. This is an "in-person" direct instruction experience on the Barry Goldwater High School campus. Week 1 and Week 2 classes meet Monday through Friday. The remainder of the enrollment session, classes meet Monday through Thursday. This course is a more rigorous approach covered in 5 weeks (25 days) to the topics covered in Algebra 1-2 Honors. We will be going thorugh the material at a substantial pace. Students should be proficient in operations with rational numbers, properties of equality, single transformation equations, and show a willingness to learn the new exciting world of algebra. 

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    How to Get Started

    Tips for Success

    Arrive with a good attiude.  Be prepared to work and learn a lot without the distraction of your cellphone.

    Need to contact me: kyle.martin@dvusd.org