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    Algebra 1-2, Honors DVUSD Pathways @ Barry Goldwater High School Campus Enrollment Form

    I am always willing to work with parents and address any concerns or questions. 

    Please email: kyle.martin@dvusd.org


    Algebra 1-2 H is the foundation to a student's high school math career and is the prerequiste course to ensure students are on track to complete higher level math courses while still in high school. These higher level math courses offered at the high school include:

    -PreCalculus (can be taken for dual credit MAT 187)

    - AP Calculus AB (can be taken for dual credit MAT 221)

    - AP Calculus BC (can be taken for dual credit MAT 231)

    - AP Statistics 

    - IB Mathematics SL/HL (offered at Barry Goldwater High School)