• Course Title: World History

    Instructor: Ms. Boland

    School email: Catherine.Boland@dvusd.org

    Course Description:

    World History examines human development from the dawn of civilization to the present day. Using primary and secondary sources, students conduct inquiry-based research to examine historical events, cultural developments, and social and family structures.

    Course Goals & Objectives:

    At the conclusion of the course, students should have a clear understanding of World History. Students should be able to use their knowledge of historical events to come to an understanding of how history shapes our lives today, and how history can be used to make our lives better. Remember, a generation that ignores history has no past and no future. Students will be responsible for presenting independently gathered information and opinions in class. Students will be engaged. All students will be expected to keep up with the daily activities,  assignments, and demonstrate their preparedness by engaging in-class discussion.

    Required Course Materials:

    1- Blue or Black pen, highlighter

    2- Notebook Paper

    3- Charged iPad

    4- Headphones

    5- 1 Spiral Notebook (college rule)


    This class will be using the Canvas system. This is where students will find and be able to work on all assignments and class activities throughout the school year. All assignments will be submitted into Canvas for grading instead of turning things in by hand. The advantage of this is students no longer have to wait for the teacher to “pass back their paper”. Canvas allows students to always have their work and allows the teacher to grade and provide feedback. Students will also be able to use Canvas as a way to get caught up on both assignments and/or class activities that they miss if they are absent. Assignment due dates will be posted in Canvas and will show up on their Canvas calendar. Canvas has a great messaging system. Whenever a student messages me in Canvas, a notification will be sent to me which enables me to respond quite a bit faster than if a student sends me an email. Students can access Canvas either through the internet or the Canvas app on their iPad.

    NOTE: Though assignments will be graded and scored in Canvas, not all assessments will. As a result, Canvas will not show a student’s correct updated overall grade in the class. Power Schools will be where updated overall grades can be found.

    Parents: are able to become an observer in their child’s Canvas class. Directions for parents to access their child’s Canvas site can be found at Link


    Classroom/Course Expectations:

    Always be respectful and considerate of other people’s feelings and rights.

    NO FOOD or DRINK IN THE CLASSROOM (except for bottled water)

    No swearing in the classroom

    Always come to class prepared with required course materials, and ready to work.  Please place all backpacks, purses, etc. under your desk while you are seated.

    Do NOT write on or scratch your desk.

    Pick up all trash and put it in the trash can before you leave


    Consequences for not following the above guidelines may include any of the following:


    Parental contact

    Detention before or after school

    Referral to the conduct office


    Electronic Devices: Many students want to have the privilege of carrying electronic devices on campus. With that privilege comes the responsibility of ensuring that those items are not used on campus during class. If students are found listening to music or texting in class or otherwise not fully engaged in learning, the device will be confiscated. Misuse of electronic devices may result in disciplinary procedures in addition to the confiscation of the device. Because we are becoming a technology-rich campus, we are expanding the use of iPads as a learning tool. The iPads will be increasingly integrated into the curriculum to reinforce critical thinking, collaboration, and cognitive engagement. I will designate during which activities students may use the device, and I will articulate how the device should be used appropriately. If a violation of the stipulated use occurs, consequences will be enforced in accordance with the DVHS Student Handbook.

    ID card: Students must visibly wear I.D. cards at all times while on campus or at any school activity for the safety and security of all students.


    Grading Scale

    A 90-100%

    B 80-89%

    C 70-79%

    D 60-69%

    F 0-59%

    Semester Grade Breakdown

    Informal and Formal Assessments 40%

    Classwork, Projects 40%

    District Final Exam 20% of your overall semester grade


    Homework: Homework and classwork will serve as a means to practice various lesson objectives and will be submitted into Canvas for points.

    Regular attendance is required to pass. Good attendance is perhaps the most important factor to academic success. Parents or guardians will be notified when students have accumulated an excessive amount of absences. If you are absent it is your responsibility to get make-up work or schedule a time to make up a missed exam. Keep in mind that any missed work due to an unexcused absence will not be allowed to be made up. Remember, our use of Canvas allows students to turn in work even when they are absent.


    Make-up Policy:

    Students who have an absence that is excused have one day for each day absent to turn in missed work. Students who are marked unexcused will not receive credit for work missed but will still receive feedback. See the student handbook for more information regarding excused and unexcused absences.

    An assignment that is considered a long-term project is due on the due date and time as stated when the long-term project was assigned. Long-term projects may be turned in prior to the due date as well as parent/guardian may turn in at the front desk.

    Make-up Exams: Upon return from class after excused absences, a student has one school day for each excused absence to make up for the missed test. Exams missed as a result of an unexcused absence will result in a zero. You will need to schedule a time to make up the exam when the absence is excused. Students will be expected to take a test or quiz if they miss the day before the test or quiz since it would have been posted for at least a week in advance. Students may make up assessments/quizzes after school on MONDAYS, during SET on TUESDAYS, or schedule a day in the morning before school.


    Cheating: Cases of cheating and plagiarism will be handled on an individual basis at the teacher's discretion in accordance with the DVHS student handbook. While there are many different ways to cheat or plagiarize, please be aware that activities such as sharing material, copying work, and posting information on a website are considered cheating. Those who give or receive answers will be held responsible for cheating and no points will be given to either party.


    Catherine Boland

    Ed. Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment

    Ed. Educational Administration

    Gifted & ESL Endorsed; DVHS Social Studies