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    2nd GRADE 2023/24 SUPPLY LIST 

    For your child’s desk: 

    Please put your child’s name on his/her desk items before sending them to school.    

    1 pair of headphones

    1 white one inch three ringed binder with clear plastic sleeve      

    plastic pencil box 

    washable markers (optional)

    1 box of 24 count crayons

    1 pkg. of colored pencils (optional)

    1 pkg. pink pearl erasers

    3 black wide lined composition books 

    pair of 5” pointed scissors

    1 plastic two pocket red folder with 3 ring hole punches.

    plastic two pocket yellow folder 3 ring hole punches

    1 plastic two pocket (3 pronged) blue folder

    1 pkg. of chisel tip dry erase markers (no colored dry erase markers)

    1 yellow highlighter 

    For Classroom Community:

    1 fine point black sharpie 

    2 pkgs. of #2 pre-sharpened pencils (24 count Ticonderoga) 

    1 pkg. of chisel tip black dry erase markers  (no colored dry erase markers)

    1 pkg. glue sticks (4-6 count)


    paper towels

    sandwich and gallon sized zip lock bags

    antibacterial wipes