• Helpful Links

    Textbook Resources:

    Math TV  -free video tutorials on various math topics

    KHAN Academy - a free tutorial site that contains information for a ton of various topics

    Hotmath.com  -This is a paid subscription site.  They do offer some free step-by-step solutions.

    Math Nerds  -a free question/answer/hint site

    Ask Dr. Math  -a free collection of commonly asked questions and answers provided by Drexel University
    Kuda Software - free customized worksheets with answers


    AIMS Practice:

    Practice Tests  -I have found both the high school and the 8th grade tests helpful.

    AIMS reference sheet  -You will be provided this exact reference sheet in the test booklet of the AIMS test.

    TAKS  -Online practice tests similar to the AIMS tests  (TX state tests)

    SOLS  -PDF practice tests similar to the AIMS tests and are broken down into individual sections.  (VA state tests)


    Other Useful Links:

    Graph paper  -print your own graph paper: various types including cornell note paper

    Jefferson County Links  -a list of links for online challenges, calculators, and graphs

    Math Dictionary  -a online dictionary of math vocabulary terms
    OWL Purdue Online Writing Lab - An online guide to MLA format and citations