• Reading Fluency Homework

    Dear Parent(s),

    This fluency folder has been created to help your child develop effective reading skills.  It will be your responsibility to keep this folder at home in a safe place.  It will not be replaced, however, here is a link https://www.fusd1.org/cms/lib03/AZ01001113/Centricity/Domain/375/Fluency%20Practice.pdf so you can download and print it if necessary. Each week, your child will complete one fluency activity and return it to school signed by you on Fridays.  If it is a short week, then have your child return it on the last day.  Below is a description of ways you will use this reading folder with your child.


    1.  Sight Word Phrases:  For the first 9 weeks of school, your child will practice reading the sight word phrases aloud to you.  Your child needs to practice reading one page of phrases to you each week.  Time your child one minute to see how many phrases (ppm)  he/she can read and record the number next to the day.  The same list needs to be practiced each afternoon/evening and returned signed by you on Fridays.  If you see that your child can read them fluently on the first day of the week, then have your child read a book of his/her choice aloud to you for the rest of the week.  If your child can not read the phrases, then have your child repeat them after you.  Time him/her one minute on Thursday and record the number of phrases (ppm) read.


    1.  Reading passages:  Beginning 2nd quarter, your child will begin the reading passages and comprehension questions.  The same story will be read 3 times per evening, Monday-Thursday for homework.  Your child’s agenda book will indicate which story is to be read each week.


    1. Your child will read the 1st time to build accuracy.  It should be timed for one minute.  Count the number of words read correctly and record the words per minute (wpm) in the Home Practice section.
    2. Your child will read the story a 2rd time to practice using punctuation when reading and to develop expression.
    3. Your child will read the story a 3rd time to develop comprehension.
    4.  In addition to fluency practice, your child will answer one to two questions per night from the passage.  This will help to enhance comprehension and vocabulary development.


    We have found these reading folders to be very effective in developing reading skills.  By working together, your child will become a successful reader.