• Hi! I'm Miss Cerjak and I teach 2nd grade! I have lived in Arizona my whole life, so I love to get away to cooler temperatures whenever I can. I go camping with my family near Flagstaff and Woods Canyon. I always try to make it to California each year to take in the ocean breeze. My family is from Chicago, so we travel there often as well. Speaking of family...you may have recognized my name. My mom is Mrs. Cerjak, who teaches Kindergarten at SV! It is so fun to teach with my mom. We have fun seeing each other on campus :) My dad is also on campus sometimes, as he substitutes every now and then. I also have a brother, Adam, who has given me the cutest niece and nephew ever!

    In my spare time, I like to go to the movies, watch hockey (go Blackhawks!), and sing karaoke. I recently got a puppy and he is just the cutest little thing. His name is Puck, and he definitely keeps me busy!

    I love teaching, and I can't wait for this year! We are going to have so much fun learning!