• Transcripts (High Schools Only)

    Final course grades for high school level courses are recorded on a high school transcript.  Whether final course grades are reported as A, B, C, D, F or as 4,2,3,1,0, the grading symbol is listed for each course with a conversion to the Grade Point Average (GPA) scale.  The GPA scale is based on a 4-point system with opportunities to earn an extra grade point for honors, Advanced Placement (AP), or International Baccalaureate (IB) courses. 

    The following is a mock-up of what transcripts will look like showing both the letter-based (A-F) symbols and number-based (4-0) symbols. 

     highlighted transcript

    The highlights on this sample transcript portray exmaples of the following:

    In the blue box for Theatre 1-2, this student received a B for both semesters each of which resulted in .5 credit and 3 points to be averaged into their GPA. Two classes below is a Geometry 1-2 Honors course and will see this student earned a B in the first semester but because this is a weighted honors course, they earned 4 points towards their GPA and for the second semester earned a C which equated to 3 points. These examples reflect the traditional reporting on current transcripts. 

    In the red box you will see the number-based grading scale represented for the Forensic Science course. For the first semester the student earned a 3 as a grade (the first column) resulting in .5 credit and a 3 averaged into their GPA. For the second semester this student earned a 1 for a grade and since you need at least 2 points to pass a course, they did not earn any credit and will average in a 0 for their GPA. 

    In the green box this student took the AP United States History course with a number-based grading scale. Since AP courses are also weighted, you will see that this student earned a 4 as a grade for both semesters and for each semester they earned .5 credit and a 5 is averaged into their GPA. 

    Colleges and universities are used to interpreting classes and grades using a wide variety of grading systems.  At the bottom of the transcript a key will explain the grade information as well as the GPA conversion.