• Foundational Skills Instruction HMH Into Reading™

    Foundational Skills whole-group lessons provide daily, explicit, systematic instruction across the full range of foundational literacy skills:

    • Phonemic Awareness

    • Phonics

    • Spelling

    • Word Study

    • Fluency

    Develop Strong Fluency Skills Written to feature a connected storyline or topic across the week’s texts, HMH Into Reading’s high-quality decodable texts help children apply knowledge of phonics and high-frequency words in context, provide an engaging story to build reading fluency, and give them their first taste of reading success.

    Comprehensive, Explicit and Systematic Spelling Across the Grades Spelling is integrated into the literacy instruction of HMH Into Reading with connections to foundational reading skills and word work strategies.

    The HMH Into Reading spelling scope and sequence and word lists were developed by Dr. Shane Templeton and focus on the following: Grades 3–6: word work with anchor charts and word work strategy lessons and cards