•                                                                       GRADE 5 SUPPLY LIST 2021-2022



    Package of white copy Paper (Last name A-J)

    Package of colored copy paper (Last name K-Z)

    Post-It Notes

    2 packages of Expo markers (any color, student keeps one)

    1 box of sharpened pencils

    1 package of glue sticks


    Pink erasers

    1 box of Crayola markers

    2 packages of Expo markers (any color)

    Clorox or Lysol brand wipes only (Last name A-J)

    Tissues (Last name K-Z)



    Colored pencils 

    Mini- Sharpener


    1 pair of scissors 

    Soft pencil pouch

    1 ruler (inches & centimeters)

    4 composition notebooks

    1 inch,    3-ring binder (For Math)

    1 green plastic folder

    1 blue plastic folder

    1 yellow plastic folder

    A chapter book to read 

    Mandarin Only 

    1.  1 red plastic folder

    2.  1 subject spiral notebooks

    Loose Leaf Lined Paper, wide-ruled


    Lasich Only

    1 box of sandwich or Gallon sized Ziplock bags (optional)

    1 box of sheet protectors

    Arizona Law requires that public schools provide supplies required for academic success. The above list represents optional, supplementary items, which you may supply at your discretion.