Please make sure you are ready to go your first day of school.
    2021 AP Human Geography School Supplies: While most assignments will be done digitally, you will need the following for class:
    • iPad (you will receive this at freshman camp or your first day of school)
    • black or blue pens (for notes and FRQ writing)
    • pencils (MC tests and general in-class work)
    • spiral notebook (100 pages-college ruled)-for reading notes and class notes.  Make sure it has a spiral binding. 
    • loose notebook paper for quizzes
    • Optional:  1 set of 3x5 note cards (or you can use a digital notecard app, although they are not as effective).  These can be used for vocabulary review and map region reviews.  This is an optional study tool to prepare for quizzes, tests, FRQs, and the national exam in May.