art palette

    Art Room Expecatations


    Students at Sunset Ridge model wonderful behavior daily by treating others kindly, and being aware of their surroundings while learning in school.  These are the same expectations in the art room.  However, there are some specific things to remember while in art.  Students are only in art for 45 minutes, which really isn't much time to do the thing we love the most: Create!  That gives us time to instruct and review the learning target for the day, get supplies and quietly work on our art.  In order for creativity to happen, getting needed supplies at the art supply station and staying focused is key.  These are things I will continually monitor and help remind students of.  There will be a timer that goes off around 5 to 10 minutes before the class ends.  (depending on the art materials we will be using, since some materials take longer to clean up, like paint or oil pastels).  It is so important, that once that timer goes off, to begin cleaning up.  And once again, depending on the medium that can look very different.  Students will earn Hawk Bucks and in the art room, table points which can also work towards Hawk Bucks, and other small classroom prizes during the week.