• Our Homework Policy
    Nightly Homework/Daily Work Policy

    In 2nd grade we believe that homework should be developmentally appropriate (no more than 30-45 minutes per night). 

    We work very hard during the day and provide opportunities for the students to complete their daily assignments. As long as your child uses his/her time effectively, he/she should be able to complete their daily work in class and will only have the daily homework. If your child doesn't use his/her time wisely, the unfinished work will need to be sent home.

    Daily Homework: 2nd graders are required to study their spelling words nightly, complete "Homework" side of their morning math, and/or pages from their daily math lesson, and read out loud for 20 minutes.  Math homework will be in thier daily binder and spelling words will be included in the weekly newsletter.