How to Help Your Student Find Success!

  • Tips for Success

    While this course is delivered online, I want you to know that as the teacher I am available to assist and answer questions throughout the semester. Please note that the message feature within the Canvas course should be utilized for student communication once the course begins (instead of emails).This is called the Inbox which is located in the orange bar in the upper right-hand corner of Canvas. Parent communication can be sent through email to

    I will check it Monday-Friday and when I can on weekends.

  • Utilize the Pacing Guide!

    I encourage students to plan ahead for this semester and allocate time in your schedule for accessing the course to read messages, review lessons, complete assignments, and submit tests.

    Time management is the biggest factor I have seen affect past students’ performance in this course. Set yourself up for success and start planning now.

    Take a look, there are days in between due dates on purpose! Do not assume you can do all the assignments due in one day! Don't procrastinate.