There will not be regular homework in Reading and Math; however, make-up work, in class work not completed such as Dream Box lessons (minimum of five per week); Read Theory (minimum of Three per week that score 80% or higher); and No Red Ink lessons must be made up at home if it is not completed at school. Most importantly, students must read 30 minutes each weekday at home in addition to reviewing math fluency. Additionally, other school work may be required to be completed at home to support your child’s educational growth. Each student is expected to complete all homework assignments and turn them in on time. However, if an emergency should occur, we will accept late homework per the district guidelines (district deadlines for report cards will supersede this exception)


    All students will be given a school agenda that will be filled out and sent home daily.  Please be sure to check your child’s agenda each day to support his/her success.  


    Park Meadows is proud to promote the All Things E.Q. program to support your child’s social-emotional learning (SEL). We are very excited about giving fifth graders a positive voice through our class discussions and throughout the year we will encourage our students to become individuals of character.  Each week will include a motto that will be taught and reinforced daily.  

     The first week of school our staff will be working diligently to teach our students campus procedures and expectations and throughout the school year we will be positively reinforcing their efforts.  Our school is a positive behavior support school which means we celebrate students for displaying positive behaviors. At Park Meadows, we are Prepared, Accountable, Respectful, and Kind. Within the classroom, all students are expected to adhere to those norms.

    Additionally, 5th graders will be using GRIT cards to reinforce positive behaviors. A separate letter detailing the GRIT card will be sent home on the first day of school.


    Students should not come to campus prior to 8:30 unless an arrangement has previously been made with your child’s teacher (conferences, tutoring, etc...) Before and after school care is available at Park Meadows. Please check with the front office for more details about that program. The academic schedule is as follows:

    8:45-9:00 SEL


    9:00-10:30 Block 1

    10:30-10:45 Recess

    10:45-12:10 Block 2

    12:10-12:35 Tier 2 interventions

    12:35-1:15 Lunch/Recess

    1:15-2:00 Specials

    2:00 -3:30 Block 3

     As teachers, we are constantly looking for ways to boost student achievement. At Park Meadows we will be utilizing each teacher’s area of strength to benefit the curriculum of the fifth grade students. Therefore, your child will have more than one teacher during the school day for each subject. Ms. Simpson will teach the Math curriculum, Mrs. Baldwin will teach the Science and Social Studies curriculum, Mrs. Ozuna will teach the ELA (Reading/Writing) curriculum, and  will support students receiving special education services for the entire fifth grade. Schedules will differ for each child depending upon homeroom.

     We are very excited about the coming year and are eager to help your children develop a true love of learning.  We hope to provide an enriching environment that provides many experiences to make learning fun and interesting for our students.