• Back to School Supplies:
    Pencil Box
    Pencil sharpener
    Ruler (kept in backpack)
    Crayons/Colored pencils (kept in backpack)
    Thin markers (kept in backpack)
    Dry erase markers (thin) (3-5 dry erase markers)
    Glue sticks (5-10 glue sticks)
    Multi-Colored pens (not black)
    Post-it notes (multi-size pack)
    Disinfectant wipes
    Ziploc Baggies: Last name initials: A-K: Sandwich size; L-R: Quart size; S-Z: Gallon size
    Highlighters: 3-5 different colors
    1 ream of copy paper
    1 (1/2 inch binder)
    1 (1-1/2 inch binder)
    1 package of 8 tab dividers (5 tabs will not be enough)
    PLASTIC colored 2-Pocket folders + Spiral Notebook to match (We would like a spiral notebook to match the same color as the 2-pocket folder):
    1 - Red
    1 – Blue
    1 - Green
    1 - Purple (No spiral notebook needed for purple)
    1 - Yellow
    1 - Orange
    1 - Black (Mandarin students only)