• DVUSD Parent/Guardian Expectations

  • We all must work together to make our school campuses as safe as possible for students, teachers, and staff.  While the Deer Valley Unified School District is taking measures to reduce the risk of illness spreading, we need our families to do the same.

    You and your child are expected to follow the Parent Code of Conduct as described below.  Please note that the District reserves the right to amend these expectations at any point during the school year.

    1. I will conduct a daily screening of my child for illness prior to my child arriving at school.
    2. I understand that my child may be sent home if they have a temperature of 100.0 degrees and or displaying symptoms while at school.
    3. I understand that my child may be sent home if displaying symptoms while at school.  I agree that I will pick up my child within 1 hour from being notified by the school that my child is being sent home. I understand my child may need to wear a mask while waiting to be picked up by a parent/guardian.
    4. I understand that face masks are not required, but optional. 
    5. I understand that the school will encourage my child to wash their hands, use hand sanitizer, and socially distance according to the protocols established by the Deer Valley Unified School District.

    Updated 7/14/22