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Degrees and Certifications:

A.A.S. Dietetic Technology B.S. Healthy Lifestyles Coaching M.Ed. Secondary Education

Mrs. Teresa Sanders

I am an Arizona native who spent my early years after high school on a glorious quest across our beautiful country. After living in New Mexico, North Carolina, and California, my heart called me back home. While on my quest I earned an Associate’s Degree in Dietetic Technology in 2012 where I learned that although I love and adore nutrition, clinical settings did not fuel my heart’s fire. In this time I found a profound love for fitness. Namely Group Fitness, I began teaching everything from water aerobics and Silver Sneakers, to HIIT and Combat Conditioning on a couple of military bases near where I lived as well as gyms local to our current area. It was this interest that led me to pursue my Bachelors of Science in Healthy Lifestyle Coaching through ASU where I graduated from in 2017. I used this award to launch a rewarding experience as a Personal Trainer. By this time I became a single mom and realized that I needed to do something that would continue to fuel my heart’s fire as well as support my desire to be a present mom.

After some deep soul searching I realized that my perilous path had led me right back to where I’d started when I first graduated high school; education. Teaching group fitness taught me to lead, and that my connection with others can make a difference and the calling I’d heard before I embarked on the quest that moved me across many state lines was louder than ever. This time I decided to finally listen to the voice inside that was telling where I’m meant to be. At the end of 2019 I enrolled in UofA for their Masters of Education in Secondary Education. I persevered through all that 2020 threw at me and graduated this past May, 2021.

While discovering my new normal as an independent mom and personal trainer I met my amazing husband Austin and his two kids, Tucker and Hayden. We managed to pull off a wedding last summer despite all of the craziness that was thrown at us. We purchased a home in the area at the end of 2019 so that our kids could attend the Deer Valley Schools that I grew up in, which made working for the district the easiest career choice I’ve ever made. My family now consists of my son Yoshi, my husband, my aforementioned bonus kids, my number one over all others whom I’ve had by my side since 2009; Gypsi (most people call her a dog, but don’t let her catch you saying that as she is certain that she’s people.) We also recently added 6 chickens to our mix and I’m currently trying to convince my husband that we also need an adventure rabbit.

I am so excited to have finally found the destination of my most perilous quest, and cannot wait for all of the adventures that still await. I am committed to bringing passion and excitement to my classroom as to have a positive impact on students’ academic abilities and foster a lifelong love and appreciation of science.

It’s time to put the gear in “O” for Onward as we embark on a most excellent adventure through time and science.