• Welcome to Mr. Chapman's Science Class!


    Email is the quickest way to reach me or though Canvas. derek.chapman@dvusd.org


    • Notebook
    • Writing utensil

    * If you are unable to obtain these items, they will be provided.

    Course Expecatations

    ● Come to class prepared to learn with a positive attitude.

    ● Chromebooks and chargers are provided by DVUSD, since this class relies heavily on digital submissions arriving to class with a charged Chromebook is an essential requirement. Opportunities to charge in class will be limited.

    ● Write in complete sentences and use your best grammar.

    ● Lessons are all posted in Canvas. It is your responsibility to check Canvas and stay up to date with all coursework, if you miss school no make-up work will be provided and due dates will not be automatically adjusted.

    ● Ask questions! If you do not understand, there is at least one other person with the same question.

    ● Listen to learn, teacher or peer, you will wait your turn to speak. Talking over others is never an acceptable practice.

    ● Respect for others is essential. Always speak with kindness and compassion.

    Keys to Success in Science

    • Ask Questions--Inquiry is important!
    • Pay attention in class.
    • Share your ideas during class discussions.
    • Research on your own--you have the world at your fingertips.
    • Don't be afraid to make mistakes--that is how each of us learns.
    • In order to learn, YOU need to complete your assignments.
      • *With the exception of group projects, sharing documents with peers is considered plagiarism and will require everyone involved to redo the assignment for credit.

    Track your progress

    Be sure to check your grades in PowerSchool on a regular basis!

    It is my goal to have grades entered A.S.A.P.