Please click here for the instructions to the advanced 8th grade ELA summer reading assignment. If at any point you need help/have questions, do not hesitate to email me or message me through Remind101. 

  • Communication:
    • Email me at Ally.Wojciechowski@dvusd.org 
    • Call/Voicemail: (623) 445-7864 ext 57864
    • Going to be absent? 24 Hour Attendance Line: (623) 445-7890
    Homework Reminders/Text Blasts: 
    • For 8th Grade ELA, text: @awojci to the number 81010
    • For Advanced 8th Grade ELA, text: @adv8thg to the number 81010 
    Quizlet (L to J Vocab. Words): 
    CommonLit Sign Up Codes: 
    • Period 3: JZ8N3K
    • Period 4: 5NBL54
    • Period 5: LB6RP6
    • Period 6: PYVK5Z

    NoRedInk Sign Up Codes: 

    • ELA: complex canvas 11
    • Adv. ELA: tricky lake 93


  • Welcome!

    Mrs. Wojciechowski's 8th Grade Language Arts Class 

    The success of your student in my class is dependent on their understanding of my class guidelines, which can be found in the 2018-19 ELA Syllabus (click here).  This document outlines my grading policies, procedures, and expectations. It is imperative that both parents and students read and understand this document; you will be receiving a syllabus acknowledgement form the first week of school requiring the signature of the student and the parent/guardian. However, please note, the information found in the syllabus is subject to change at my discretion; please keep up with my website throughout the year for the most current information. I'm very much looking forward to meeting and working with all students and parents this year; if you would like to attend our middle-school "Meet the Teacher Night" please see flier (to be uploaded soon). 
    District-Wide Goals for English Language Arts Students:
    1. All DVUSD students will become critical and capable thinkers who can independently transfer their learning to various settings and circumstances.
    2. All DVUSD students can explain, interpret, apply, demonstrate perspective in, and self-assess their learning.
    Suggested Supplies:
    • The supply list for the 2018-19 school year has been posted to the 8th Grade News page. However, there are a few supplies that will be used specifically in my classroom: 
      • 1 folder with pockets and brads to add hole-punched documents 
      • 1 wide-ruled composition books 
      • Loose leaf paper 
      • Assorted colored highlighters and/or colored pencils (your preference for annotating)
      • Pencils/pens 
      • Glue sticks (to use in your interactive notebook)
    • If possible, purchasing a personal copy of the class novels/texts would be beneficial for annotating purposes, as well as for any reading that must be done outside of class, but is not mandatory (see syllabus for list of course reading). Copies of novels may also be obtained from the public library. I will give at least 2 weeks notice before a novel is needed for class.   
  • Lesson Plans & Homework
    ***Please note: The plans and assignments listed here are subject to change. Please refer to the lesson plans provided (upper left) in addition to the schedule/agenda on the board in class to verify assignments. Students who are absent may find make-up work as listed below:
    • for classwork, such as packets or worksheets, check the back counter or see me 
    • for notes/assignments in the interactive student notebook (ISN), receive from a peer or request to see my master copy of the ISN
    • for reading assignments, borrow a copy of the story/novel (when applicable) or access the textbook online 
    If you are absent when we have read a selection from the textbook, please take responsibility to make up the missed reading on your own at home and complete any work that goes along with it. Textbooks MAY NOT be checked out or taken home. Here are instructions for how to access the textbook online:
    • Go to my.hrw.com 
    • Your username will be your school username with the prefix Dv. (ex. if my normal username is "aawojciechowski" my hrw username will be Dv.aawojciechowski)
    • Your password will be your student number 
    For absences exceeding one week, work must be obtained from the teacher and a new due date will be discussed (exceptions being long-term projects of which the student was aware before their absence). Per district policy, students have 2 school days per day absent to makeup any missed work; however, students MUST take initiative to obtain the work immediately following the absence. THANK YOU! 
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