• Home Practice is critical to your success!

    Home Practice is posted in Canvas.

    • Practice is expected each day Monday to Thursday.

      (even though you only have class every third academic day)


      DAILY completion rather than 3 days in a row is much more effective

      Typically it takes 5 to 10 minutes without distractions to complete.

      If it takes longer than this, please let me know immediately. 


      Home Practice counts towards the Citizenship grade. 


      If more than 5 items are missing (more than 3 days late) per quarter, you will earn a Needs Improvement notice on your report card. 

      If more than 10 items are missing (more than 3 days late) per quarter, you will earn an Unsatisfactory notice on your report card. 



      If you have difficulty completing the work for ANY reason, please email and give me as much information as you can: 

      * Include your first and last name, ABC day and Period in your email heading.

      (Different class periods sometimes do different things and I cannot answer your question without this info!) 

      * Is there a technical issue or lack of access?

      * What DO you understand?

      * Then, where do you get confused?

      ** Please give slide number or specific wording you find confusing. 


      Home Practice completion will show the student's level of understanding using a 3-2-1-Missing Scale. 

      Note if the document submitted is not accessible, it will be counted as MISSING.  


      Note:  Often I will leave comments in Canvas for each assignment, especially if you have a 2 or 1 rating. Please read those comments and correct and resubmit the assignment when requested.


      3- Full understanding, 2-Some understanding, 1-Limited Understanding, M-Missing or No Access