• Course Objectives & Expectations

    Posted by Andrea Kinzler on 7/29/2021


    Course Objectives
         Using the IB MYP course format, students will develop skills in reading informational text and literature, writing, listening and speaking, and language conventions. They will be able to create strong arguments using textual evidence to support analyses. Students will be able to identify and discuss various elements and genres of literature. They will improve vocabulary and comprehension skills, and develop speaking and listening skills through shared inquiry and class presentations.

    Classroom Expectations

    Be prompt.                  We show respect for ourselves and others by being on time to class.

    Be prepared.               We are responsible and always arrive ready to learn.

    Be polite.                     We are careful with all people and property in our classroom.

    We also follow all other rules outlined in the DVUSD Student Handbook.


    Assignment Expectations
         Handwriting must be legible and work must be complete in order to be submitted for grading. Typed assignments will usually be submitted online, but both digital and printed work must adhere to the following guidelines:

    • Times New Roman, 12 point font
    • Double-spaced, standard margins
    • Black ink only, for printed work


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